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Jumbo Split King Crab Legs & Claws

Jumbo Pre-Split King Crab Legs

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These Jumbo pre-split King Crab Legs & Claws are huge! Not only huge, but these jumbo king crab legs & claws have been pre-split to make them easy and convenient to eat. Just lightly bend open the shell along the split line and enjoy the succulent king crab meat!

Harvested ocean-fresh from the deep, clean water offshore from Alaska, Red King Crab has a sweet, rich taste and a firm texture.

Our favorite way to eat these jumbo king crab legs is purely with a bowl of melted butter to dip them in, but they are excellent on a salad and make an exquisite crab cocktail. We serve these at our house as main course, appetizer, or a full meal of nothing besides the best crab legs. 

Aptly named "King Crab" because eating like this, is for Kings! Whether you want to treat yourself or impress others, King Crab is a prestigious addition to any menu. 

Our butterfly Split Jumbo King Crab is delivered to you pre-cooked and only needs to be warmed, making it convenient to serve even at short notice.

Customer Reviews

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Suzanne Mckechnie

Ordered the king crab for two of my friends for Xmas. They both said there are no words to describe how amazing the crab is. They both made a crab cocktail and then heated some with melted butter and minced garlic. PERFECTION!!!

Lesli Murdoch

Jumbo Pre-Split King Crab Legs

Angelique Dorbin
Shitty service and bullshit excuses

I spent nearly $400 on seafood I couldn't even eat! Due to a weather event my package arrived after 9 days, well after the holiday I ordered it for and completely void of dry ice smelling atrocious. I contacted customer service online after it didn't arrive on the requested date and got excuses and generic platitudes. I have yet to receive a call back from customer service but I will be blowing them up now that the holidays are over.

R. Bruce Amrine
Great seafood, outlet !!!!!

The reliable seafood store. Year after year.
You guys are Great !!!


Truly “jumbo”! Taste was amazing and having them pre-split made them even better!